Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Avon - Nail Polish - Collection & Swatches

Hey My Beautiful Makeup Fanatics...! Hopefully you are in the best of Health and Beauty. I have another exciting review today for you which certainly is beauty related but is not Makeup.. Its about another obsession of mine that i will explain more in depth about in my next post. But for now let me tell you i have Nail Polish review for you that is by a renowned Brand Avon which is poplar for its Cosmetic and skincare line. But i certainly believe that have a great variety and quality of Nail Polish as well.

Here are some of the Avon polishes i own. The top picture is taken without flash and the bottom one is with flash.

Packaging and Texture:

They certainly have a huge colour range from brights to neon's and neutrals.The big plastic caps looks a little like OPI's. These polishes are available in different textures as well including cream, shimmer/glitter and sheer yet build-able colours.
It contains 15ml or 0.5FL Oz.Which is fairly a good amount of product. The applicator is good and easy to use. Its designed like the pros use i.e. one step application. 


Usually you can get the polish around $1.99 (mini) to $6 depending on the finish. Which is in an affordable range. And is almost fairly charged vs. to the quality they offer.

Staying Power:

I would rate the staying power 3/5. I didn't have a great experience but it was more than average  I must say without a top coat it can stay well for 3 days at least and with a top coat 4-5 days for sure!

Overall View:

The shop where i get my Avon polishes from don't offer testers and cuz' of that i have always been unable to judge how sheer or opaque that product is. Even though i haven't been disappointed with any i own. if not one, two coats are sufficient to get the job done. The glass bottle however needs to be kept at safe place since i broke one or two bottles of mine and they crack up easily.

The top picture is one coat and bottom is two coats.

This polish seemed a bit streaky in the first coat. But after the second coat it was exactly the colour that showed up in the bottle.

Purchase it Again:


Recommend to a Friend:

I would recommend the ones which have creamy texture.


(-ive they can work a bit more on the texture and opacity of the polish. Price can be improved as well but i like the discount offers they provide)


I am not affiliated with the company by any means. I am not getting paid or any incentive to review this product. I have purchased it with my own money. These are my own opinions and experience that I shared.  Thanks!

Thanks allot for your precious time..I hope this was useful too you guys. As I always say Stay Warm & Blessed and don’t forget to take care of your Loved ones and Pet's. Xo!


  1. Great post. I love my avon polishes. Here in the US the bottles are completely different. I love the bottles you have, they look Creative Nail Design bottles. But as usual the grass is always greener on the other side. :)

  2. Thanks dear for posting about Avon Nail polish..... really avon nail polish doesnt dry soon.